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EpoxyUSA - Solvent free Marine Epoxy and two part Epoxy Resins for home, garage, boat, and office.

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Marine epoxy and two part paints for garage floors, repairs, underwater --
fillers and thickeners. Safe online ordering. Best boat resin on the Internet.

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe

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EPOXY GURU click here - "how to" epoxy/coating help.

EpoxyUSA.com sells solvent-free epoxy resins, marine epoxy, epoxy paints (garage floors - tanks - pits) and accessories such as thickeners, brushes, and fiberglass cloth used by home owners, boat owners and craft projects. Our prices are generally much less than our competitors and all of our coatings are solvent free and safe for the environment. We don’t just repackage bulk resins from the giant chemical companies, our products are fully and carefully formulated. Our Basic No Blush ™ Marine Epoxy are industry favorites as is our Bio Clear 810 ™ pour-on tabletop and bar top and our top selling products.

More products (including products with solvents in them), and options are available at our other site www.epoxyproducts.com, which is a much more complex site to navigate.


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Epoxies are not like ‘regular’ paints. They are two part products that require the mixing of Part A and Part B. The result is usually a ‘honey like’ thick product (this includes the epoxy paints - they are very thick and no like easy to brush enamel and latex paints) that will start to harden in X minutes. This is called working time and it can be something like 10 minutes or 1.5 hours. It is based upon the specific epoxy, temperature, and the amount of epoxy mixed. It is recommended you work in small batches and slowly increase batch size until you determine the approximate working time of the epoxy in your unique situation. Poor mixing can result in tacky or sticky areas that never get ‘dry’ or ‘hard’.

Typical epoxy applications are for boat building and repair, waterproofing and sealing surfaces, and painting garage floors etc. Many issues come into play when coating surfaces, especially cement floors. Moisture issues, surface weakness, dirt, grease, etc. can cause coatings not to bond no matter how good the surface is prepared and is not an indication of a problem with the coating. Suitability of the coating, surface preparation, mixing and application is the responsibility of the purchaser (see legal section link below).

All epoxies will yellow over time and in exposure to sunlight. In other words they are not ‘color stable’. White will not stay white, and Clear will not remain clear. Usually epoxies are ‘painted’ over. The epoxies do the work - bonding, chemical resistance, stabilizing the substrate, waterproofing and sealing, etc. while an enamel, polyurethane or latex often provides the attractive, colorful, top surface. Some epoxies can be applied over wet or damp surfaces, or even underwater, making them useful for swimming pool repair, boat repair, manhole repair. etc.

Coverage on most epoxy paints/resins is about 100 to 150 square feet per gallon. Application is generally with a short nap roller, paint pad, or brush. Spraying epoxies is generally not possible without special equipment.

Generally, epoxies will feel dry and hard overnight, but they will continue to harden and cure for about a week.

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Our underwater epoxies have saved a sinking yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Their story is now a book. This is proof, you don't venture offshore without the epoxy products you need to save your boat from sinking.

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"I've never written a review of an internet company, but I have to about epoxyUSA.com / epoxyproducs.com mainly because of the outstanding customer service they gave me.

It started as normal, I searched the web looking for an epoxy to fix an old fiberglass over concrete pool. After hours looking I came across epoxyUSA.com / epoxyproducts.com and they had what I was looking for. I ordered it and it was to get here by Tuesday of the next week, since it was coming from the east to west coast.

Tuesday came without a delivery, I emailed them ([email protected]) and they took it from there, working with UPS . Good thing too, because UPS did not respond to any of my requests in the matter.

EpoxyUSA.com / epoxyproducts.com, knowing I was desperately in need of the epoxy had sent me two more gallons for replacement.

We found the original order at the neighbors house (they don't use their front door). I used the epoxy (Wet Dry 700) and was amazed at how good it was, so I bought the two extra kits and I'm sure I will get good use out of them.

EpoxyUSA.com / epoxyproducts..com is the only place I will buy epoxy from."

Thanks Frank 11/2011

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